Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Progress

Opening Day & the Cubs

Opening day was a blast! Had a bunch of beers and got some sun. Ended up passing out in my car after a keg stand, but I still had a great time.

I was able to get to 2 of the Cubs/Brewers games here in Milwaukee. Enjoyed them greatly because the Cubbies kicked some major ass. Both Cub pitchers were amazing until the 5th. Great offense! 1st game the Cubs scored 6 in the 1st. Didn't do any tailgating because of the lousy weather, but got to see 2 Cubs' wins!

Absolute Poker

Have had some time to play in the last few days. Mainly .10/.20 and .25/.50. Have done okay. Back up to around $50 and looking to make that number grow. I have 5 buy-ins for .25/.50 and when I have 4 buy-ins for .50/1 I'll move up. I'm trying to build it slowly and it seems to be working. Lots of loose play has killed me, but limit is about the long haul. I wish the new AP instaplay version had tourneys. Hopefully, that's forthcoming.


I have the opportunity to play the church game again on Friday. I don't have to work and I do have some extra ca$h. I'm not sure if I'll play, especially because of the blind structure. It's horrible. 1500 chips. 30 minute blinds. 25/50, 50/100, 100/200. So after and hour and a half, you're short stacked if you haven't doubled up. I wish they would add a 75/150 level in between there, but the guys who run it aren't poker players.

If I had some backing, I could run a better game there and take less of a cut. Not sure what they take, but it's enough.

I'll have a tourney report if I play.


I've been looking hard for a job and did have an interview this morning which I thought went very well. I have another step to do, kind of an assignment. Go to some stores and ask the reps about a phone and then write a report about it. Tomorrow I'll go and get that out of the way.

Didn't get in depth into anything, but leave some comments and I'll add to it.



Poker Road Warrior said...

Hey Gum

Good luck on the job! Hope we can meet up this year.

Keep bloggin, me and 2 other guys are avid readers. ha!


GUMBY said...

Thanks for the support! I really need a full time job. I hope we can meet up sometime this year. Not sure if funds will allow it. Are you still moving to Vegas or are you already there?