Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Been A While

It's been a long time since my last post and for those few readers, I hope I can catch you up some happenings in my life. I finally got paid for my commission this week so I actually have money. Prior to that, I was super super broke. I wanted to stake a buddy at the WSOP ME, but I didn't even have $50. I was still pulling for him. He busted out on Day 2. Good work though D.

I made my 2nd sale at the job that isn't so fun. Commission is same as last time. So sweet! Looks like I'll stick around for a little while.

Working 2 full time jobs. Picked up a bar managing position with a former employer and friend. Job is going well, but just lots of hours. Cool bar. Check it out . We have a "Redneck Party" coming up where we're serving Boones' Farm and boxes 'o wine. Also, $1 PBRs.

Haven't been playing much. Haven't had the time. I'm actually playing right now in a $25 tourney at AP. I tripled up early with a set of 8s vs. 4 flush and pair of aces mid kicker. I then had a guy dead to rights. He limped with JJ and I had 22 in sb. 4 to the flop. 9 high with a set for me. Get it all in on turn and he caught a river Jack. I'm still a litlle above average, but that would've put me at bully level.

Now I'm out. This was shit!

Stage #843534446 Tourney ID 1842914 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit $150 - 2007-08-03 00:16:07 (ET)
Table: 33 (Real Money) Seat #4 is the dealer
Seat 1 - ANDY71084 ($3860 in chips)
Seat 2 - LITTLES ($1410 in chips)
Seat 3 - JONNYCAKES26 ($705 in chips)
Seat 4 - ORANGE32 ($5485 in chips)
Seat 5 - GUMBY55 ($2850 in chips)
Seat 6 - KLAROGO ($6549 in chips)
Seat 7 - ZHULIK ($3230 in chips)
Seat 9 - MFRY32 ($3465 in chips)
GUMBY55 - Posts small blind $75
KLAROGO - Posts big blind $150
Dealt to GUMBY55 [Ac Ad]
ZHULIK - Folds
MFRY32 - Folds
ANDY71084 - Folds
ORANGE32 - Raises $450 to $450
GUMBY55 - Raises $975 to $1050
ORANGE32 - Raises $2550 to $3000
GUMBY55 - All-In $1800
ORANGE32 - returned ($150) : not called
*** FLOP *** [7d 6s 8h]
*** TURN *** [7d 6s 8h] [5s]
*** RIVER *** [7d 6s 8h 5s] [8s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
ORANGE32 - Shows [As 8c] (Three of a kind, eights)
GUMBY55 - Shows [Ac Ad] (Two Pair, aces and eights)
ORANGE32 Collects $5850 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($5850)
Board [7d 6s 8h 5s 8s]
Seat 1: ANDY71084Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 2: LITTLESFolded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 3: JONNYCAKES26Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 4: ORANGE32(dealer) won Total ($5850) HI:($5850) with Three of a kind, eights [As 8c - B:8s,B:8h,P:8c,P:As,B:7d]
Seat 5: GUMBY55(small blind) HI:lost with Two Pair, aces and eights [Ac Ad - P:Ad,P:Ac,B:8s,B:8h,B:7d]
Seat 6: KLAROGO(big blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 7: ZHULIKFolded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 9: MFRY32Folded on the POCKET CARDS

I play great and get shit on. This stuff pisses me off.

Take care,