Sunday, April 1, 2007

Florida Wins, I Win

If Florida can come through in the National Championship game, like their football compadres, then I'll win my NCAA basketball pool. The score of the game also has to come closer to my total than another guy's. It's only $60, but I wouldn't mind.

For those of you who remember reading, I already had money on the Buckeyes to win in football and they choked. Link to post here.

So, if the Buckeyes actually pull through on Monday night, I might hurt some OU fans.


Monday is opening day at Miller Park and my tix still haven't arrived! Gonna have to get them at will call, but my ticket rep didn't call me back on Friday. Damn him! Will have some beers and watch the game, then find some place to watch the National Championship game. Should be a good day.

Take care!


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