Thursday, March 29, 2007

WSOP Main Event

Congrats to my buddy, PEUCHRE on Poker Stars who won his buy-in to the World Series of Poker Main Event last week in a $30 rebuy event. I can't go this year, even if I had the money. I'm seeing The Police July 5 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Can't frickin' wait for that show. Back to him, he said he's getting drunk at the tables, and actually has some beers when he's playing online. Solid NL tourney player. Sends out about 100 hand histories a week though. I can't keep up. I usually delete half of them.

Still looking for some jobs. Had an interview last week with no luck. Another one on Wednesday that looks ok. Something needs to pan out one of these times. I'm putting out about 10-20 cover letters and resumes a week.

Finally watched the last episode of Las Vegas and can I just say WOW! I don't know if any of you watch it, but holy crap! Is Delinda dead? Who shot Mary's child touching dad? The Montecito is getting robbed! I just hate that I have to wait such a long time to see how this all turns up. I'll be the first to tell you that the show is SOOOOO unrealistic. However, it is extremely entertaining. AND...the character of Mike Cannon has a gambling problem, especially when it comes to poker.

As for my poker, down to about $5 on AP after I cashed out $100. I think these sites actually get pissed off at you for withdrawing money and give your money to some horrid players. I know it doesn't happen this way and I'm the first to agree with variance, but it happens that way every time for me. At AP, Bugsy's, and FT. Same results. I have the most in Bugsy's and wish that Neteller was still around so I could move money around easier. Still waiting for my $450 or so from them as are many others. I'll never go back to them, even if they do get their shit together.

I can't wait until I don't work at night anymore so I can play some larger tournaments.

Take care and good luck at the tables,


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