Thursday, March 22, 2007

Haven't Been Playing Much

I've only been playing about 2 hours a week for the past few weeks. My bankrolls at the various sites are under $200 because of withdrawals and some tilting.

I'm looking forward to baseball season and the opening week. Opening day at Miller Park then the Cubbies are in town that weekend. Another Cubs game at Wrigley in April against the Brewers, then many games throughout the season. WOOHOO!

Been on a few job interviews, but nothing has panned out yet on the job hunt. I've been talking to everybody and submitting many resumes and cover letters, but nada. I need the career type job so I can get the benefits and steady paycheck. The restaurant is doing fine for now, but won't give me consistent paychecks and work. Hopefully, something comes up soon.

Hope everyone is doing well at the tables.



Poker Dreamer said...

So you gonna be seeing the Brewers at Spring Training... I got a high school chum that got drafted to the Brewers from Oregon State (06 Champs) names Cole Gillespie, so watch out for him!!

GUMBY said...

Not a huge Brewers fan, but live in Milwaukee and I get a 20 game pack every year. Love baseball so I get to see a lot of games and LOVE tailgating. Drinking, grilling, bags. Great time!

I would only go down to Mesa for Cubs camp. Wouldn't do the Brewers. See them enough throughout the year.