Wednesday, February 28, 2007

High Five for Absolute!!!

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They are finally allowing me to play there again!!! They have introduced "Instant Play," a non-downloadable version of their site. Granted, you can only play Hold 'Em ring games, but still, it's a step for me. You can go there via any web browser and use Java to play the ring games.

I have $75 to start with from a refer a friend and will try to get it up there. It's hard to grind it out all the time, but can be worth it if you can keep your composure throughout a lot of weak play and getting rivered at the low limt levels. I'm playing .25/.50 right now but am already up $50. These players are sooooooo bad that you can manipulate them into thinking whatever you want. Free draws on the turn, folds when you have nothing. It's stupidly easy against most.

Check out Absolute if you haven't been there. Click the title and start pounding the fishies!


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