Thursday, April 12, 2007

Couldn't Sleep

I woke up around 6 AM and couldn't fall asleep, so I did some internet surfing and came upon this little gem. Hellmuth gets tilty and then starts swearing. It's great!

Then Negreanu gets coolered yet again in High Stakes Poker.

Plus, some good news. Up to $120 on AP. Played some .25/.50 and .50/1 limit and .05/.10 NL. Made $10 playing NL. $20 in one table of .25/.50. The rest was made at the .50/1 tables.

Then I made $10 in one hand playing 1/2 limit. Waited for the bb to get around to me, which I always do. Got dealt Q-10s and flopped the nuts. A-K-x spades. I check, short stack with $10 in front of him bets. I call. Turn K. I bet, he thinks and raises and we just get it all in there. He turns over A-3 os and I take it down. Table broke after that and I didn't find a good 1/2 game to get into. So that's why I play NL.

With $120, I have 6 buy-ins for .50/1 or 3 buy-ins for 1/2. I'll try to stick with the lower limit until I have a cushion, but will keep my eyes open for some juicy 1/2 tables. You don't know how many times the betting was capped, even on the river, when I had the nuts. What a donkfest!


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