Friday, April 27, 2007

Lots of News

New Job

First off, I have a new job. It's inside sales so lots of calls, but I don't mind it. Once I hit my first sale, all the calls will be worth it. I am selling hospitality packages for major sporting events. Check out the website

If you see any events you and some clients, or top salesman want to hit up, let me know and I'll put together a package for you. Right now, I'm selling the BMW Championship at Cog Hill.

Cubbies Game

Went down to Chicago to watch my Cubs beat up on the Brewers. It was a great time with 17 of my closest friends. It's usually tough to find that many people, but 7 of us came down from Milwaukee on the bus. It made for a long, enjoyable, but very f*#king cold day.Brought in a few flasks to keep myself warm.


Haven't been playing much, but I am playing tonight. Doing well in 2 tourneys that I'm in over at Bugsy's Club. $30 buy in I'm chip leader with 105K with 24 left and average stack around 28K. The other tourney I'm chip leader with 65K with 13 left and average stack around 28K. The bigger one pays top 10 and the smaller one pays top 5. If you're around, stop by and say hi. GUMBY55

Tourney report after they're both done. Need to concentrate now.

Take it easy and have good luck at the tables.


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