Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a Crappy Showing!

I went and played in the church game. Great food! Beer was cold! Play was....well...less than perfect. I got there about 6:15 and played a little Sheepshead Poker. It's a Wiscahnsin (sound it out) game. Had to be refreshed and lost about a buck before the "big game" started at 7.

By big game, I mean more money. Not necessarily good play. Every continuation bet was called down by a flush draw, bottom pair, Ace high. it was a horrible day. I couldn't tell you how many times 4 players saw the flop on a raise, then 3 saw the turn on another raise. Then check, check, check. And a tiny bet on river. Lots of loose play and I don't think more than 10 people in the entire room actually knew how to play poker.

Enough of that ranting. Our table broke, and I was moved to a full table. I had 425 left with blinds of 50/100. Not a huge fan of the structure and I'm not sure if I'll play in another one. First Ace or pair, I"m pushing. First hand, I get A-7 in mid position and push. Limper before me, a guy I know, pushes his all in for another 500 and he had A-3 diamonds and we get called by A-5 os. So I have the best of it going in. 2 diamonds on flop, 3 on the turn, 2 outer doesn't hit. NH GG! Played ok, but disappointing results.

Played in two more side games. $20 8-person and went out in 4th for nothing. Good structure, because I ran it. Then a $20 17-person and the structure was push or fold after about 1 round. I went out with A-10 utg all in called by A-Q. Still had some chips, but was all in for 75 with blinds 200/400.

Not Done Yet

After that was feeling bad, but not tired. I played online. Made up the $100 I lost by winning $250. Won a $10 sit n go for $50, then took 3rd in a $10 MTT rebuy for $133. Played 2 NL .10/.25 tables and sat with $13. Won $5 on one. Cashed out with $63 at the other. Made some huge hands against a chip dumper. He was just giving his chips away. Had KK and got some cash. Set of 2s for some more. Top pair 10s for more. It was ridonkulous. I didn't go to bed until 4:30 because the tourney took so long. Last hand, I had 3s in the sb. Pot-size raise. BB calls. Flop 2-2-8. I bet pot. He calls. Turn Q. My play? I push all in and get insta called by A-2. Sonuvabitch!

All in all I had a complete poker filled day so I'm done for a couple days. Cashed out $400 at Bugsy's Club and have around $300 left there. Working tonight and looking forward to da Bears' game tomorrow. Then going out to dinner with the fam in Chicago area. Sister's and mom's birthday.

Hope everyone is doing well,


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