Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Are My Goals?

I was playing online today and realized that I have just been playing for fun lately. This isn't all bad, but without goals for myself, I don't know if I'm progressing in my poker career or just skating by a mediocre player.

I am a winning poker player, but does this make me good? I don't know. The goal I had for myself is playing in a $10,000 buy in event this year. Winning my seat in an onine satellite of course. But sometimes this is difficult to do because of the time of each tourney. You must be there each and every step of the way. I would like to buy-in directly for $200 or so, but that would be a majority of my bankroll.

Setting goals for myself will help me accomplish this. So here we go.

  • Goal 1-Win $2,000 playing online. This will mean playing 1 big buy-in event per week. By big I mean $30. So, big for my roll of < $400.

  • Goal 2-Play in the FTOPS final event. It's a $530 buy-in so definitely satellite into it.

  • Goal 3-Have 1 credit card paid off completely with poker winnings. Even if I need to start by bankroll at $10 again.

  • Goal 4-Win a $10,000 buy-in online. Possibly through cashing in points at Absolute for a $200 tourney buy-in.

  • Goal 5-Take more time during hands to think about what my opponent may have (this is more a helpful reminder).

I think this is a good start.

Lastly, play soid poker every single time I sit down. If I'm not playing well, stop and do something else!!!

Good luck with your goals,


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