Friday, January 12, 2007

Had to Post This...

...while it was on my mind. I was looking through ITH and saw many critiques of how hands were played. Now, there is no right or wrong was to play a hand. It all depends. If you flopped top pair top kicker, do you play it this way or that way. Well, whatever wins you the most money or loses you the least money. Are you ahead or are you beat?

What Dan Harrington employs in Harrington on Hold 'Em is that there's a percentage that each play should be used. Raise sometimes and call sometimes to a bet with a certain hand. Mixing it up is where the great players make their money. I read a post where someone said the other player played the hand strange, but he ended up having the best hand AND getting all the money in with it. Strange maybe, but was it a predictable play. Definitely not!

If this was 2+2 there would've been the right and wrong play. I don't post at 2+2 but like to read hand examples.

That's it!



Steelie said...

If it was 2+2 however it was posted would have been the wrong way no matter how it was played and the poster would have been called an idiot at least 7 times before someone chimed in with a reasonable alternative - at which point everybody would have started calling that guy an idiot. I still love 2+2, but it's not exactly an inviting place to post.

The new site is looking GREAT, btw. I like the move.

GUMBY said...

I agree. If you haven't seen and read everything poker related, you're an idiot.

Thanks for the positive note on the new site. I like it and am trying to post more.