Friday, January 19, 2007

Sit 'N Go Frustration!

This was almost me today! Image Hosted by

Man, am I playing well and just getting ROYALLY F*$(#ed! Played in a few single table sit n gos today and did fine...up until 3, yes 3 super bad beat in a row!

It all started with AA and 4 people remaining. I get the big boys on the button and make a standard 3x BB raise to 360. The big blind instapushes all in for another 3K and I instacall! He has A-Q os. Flop is K-J-10! WTF! I'm out in 4th, no money.

Movin' on. Midway through the tourney, I get 99 utg and raise to 3x BB. 2 caller. Flop is 9 high, 2 spades. BB bets the pot and I raise with still some behind me so he thinks I can still fold. Like I would with any 2 cards. He puts me all in and I call. He has JJ and guess what hits the turn. A f&$*in' JACK! I did get lucky on the flop, but a devastating way to lose it on the turn.

Last but not least, I am short stacked with 6 left and just doubled up with Q-9 suited against 7s. I have 1K or so and raise to, you got it 3x BB with A-Q os. Flop is Q high. I bet small so I have some behind me, just like last time. He puts me all in and I call. He shows 88 and of course the turn is an 8. Another lucky flop and unfortunate turn.

This was all in a matter of 15 minutes. How many 2 outers and 10% chances can beat me in a short period of time. If these tourneys were for more money, I'd close the site forever. I have been running well on sit n gos, kinda my thing nowadays. But it's hard to make a good profit when these beats kill you, especially your motivation. They just knock you down to mess with your head. I'm getting warm just thinking about them.

ENUFF OF THIS SHENANIGANS! I want to get back to winning! Fuck all this bad luck!

Better Luck than Me at the Tables,


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