Saturday, January 20, 2007

Short Stack MTT Quiz

What would you do in these situations? I was recently asked these questions by a friend of mine and we and others had varying answers. Concensus on some, but others had somebody off the norm.

How would you play these hands?

  • 1. You have 11 BB's holding 55 utg+3. It folds to you. SB is TAG with 15 BB's, BB is ave with 30 BB's.

  • 2. You have 9 BB's utg with AJo. BB is ave player with 24 BB's. Push/fold?

  • 3. Same situation with ATo.

  • 4. You have 13 BB's on the hijack with 44 and it folds to you. SB is tight weak with 30 BB's and BB is loose ave player with 6 BB's. Your play?

  • 5. You have 14 BB's utg+4 and it folds to you holding ATs. SB is chip leader with 60 BB's and kinda loose, BB is TAG with 18 BB's. Your play?

  • 6. You have 12 BB's on the hijack with A3s. Button is a tough thinking player with 23 BB's, SB is weak ave with 10 BB's, BB is standard TAG with 20 BB's. your play?

  • 7. You have 7 BB's utg with JTs, your play?

  • 8. You are the SB with 11 BB's holding rags and its folds to you. BB is thinking player with 26 BB's. Your play?

  • 9. You have 8 BB's on the hijack and it folds to you with 64s. Both SB and BB are standard players with 20ish BB's. Your play?

  • 10. You have 10 BB's on the button with 43s. The SB is a standard TAG with 9 BB's and the BB is an ave player with 11 BB's. Your play?

  • 11. Same situation as 10 with 43o.

  • 12. You are hijack with 10 BB's holding A7o. SB is unknown with 26 BB's, BB TAG with 17 BB's. Your play?

  • 13. You are the cut off with 11 BB's holding A2s. You have pushed the previous hand and were not called. The button is a thinking player with 14 BB's, the SB a standard tag with 19 BB's, and the BB and weak somewhat loose player with 22 BB's. Your play?

  • 14. You have 11 BB's utg+3. SB is an unknown with 15 BB's and BB a TAG with 21 BB's. What's the worst Axo your shoving?

  • 15. Same situation but with Axs?

  • 16. Same situation, as 14, what's the worst pocket pair your pushing?

  • 17. You are UTG+1 with 9 BB's and QJs. SB is an uknown with 16 BB's, BB an ave player with 21 BB's. Your play?

  • 18. You are the hijack with 12 BB's and hold KJo. SB is tough thinking player with 17 BB's, BB an ave player with 31 BB's. Your play?

  • 19. Same situation as 18 with 9 BB's?

  • 20. You are UTG with 10 BB's. SB is TAG with 20 BB's, BB TAG with 16 BB's. What's your pushing range?

I'll leave these up for a few days, then we can discuss some of the plays that my friends and I talked about in these difficult short stacked spots.



Poker Dreamer said...

Haha, I love your acronym... Well, I actually think this thing is gonna be pretty close so I better take the 7 point spread...

How 'bout a Vinitari field goal during the final seconds of the game, but only this time, he misses...

GUMBY said...

No way. I may cry if the Bears go down like that. From Chicago BAYBEE!!!