Saturday, May 12, 2007

Job Stinks

So after 3 weeks, I've realized how difficult it is to sell these seeming easy sells. I've had many quotes out there for packages, but nothing has panned out yet. I haven't stopped looking for jobs since I started this one. One of those sent out resumes has to get me a job I want.

I started my new volleyball league last week. It's outdoor sand at a bar in the area. We play in a mens' 4s and a coed 6s league. The 4s league is very competitive. I messed up my toe when I was running to get a ball that was dug. My teammate didn't move and I ended up sticking my big toe into his leg. It looked like crap the next day. The top of my toe was black and blue and my entire foot was red. It looks much better now and feels much better too. It still needs some time to heal though.

I worked at my serving job for maybe the last time on Thurday night. I was working a party for some pharmaceutical company, and the guy was bitching about the bill. The room that the guy rented is a $1500 minimum. We don't charge for the use of the room, we just ask (and make you sign a contract) that says you must spend that amount while you're there. No takeouts or gift certs.

The party they had was originally booked for 20. When one of the hosts arrived, he said there'd only be 16. So we had to rearrange the tables and then only 13 show up. Now we have some good wines there. We asked the host if he wanted to get some nice wines because he wasn't going to hit the minimum. He only got the house bottles at $30 and $40 a piece.

Long story short, he was about $600 short of the minimum and was charged the rest on a room charge. To backtrack a little, when he came in, he thought that he could use the rest of the tab to get gift certificates. That was a policy of the restaurant before I started, but it had changed because of drug reps taking advantage from their company's point of view. So now he's not happy that it's $1500+tax+18% gratuity. He didn't want to tip on the full $1500, only on the $900 or so.

He cried and cried and we showed him the contract he signed. He said he didn't have time to read the contract. Uhhhh, first you don't read a contract that you sign. Secondly, it's about 50 words. What a joke he was. He left pissed off and we probably won't see him again.

As for poker, I only get to play about once a week for about an hour or two. Actually played a little this morning and was up about $30, then managed to make only $6. Was 2 tabling .50/1 and .25/.50. I have about $90 in AP and $130 in Bugsy's. Trying to turn this into about $10K the Chris Ferguson way.

I just realized that I should set a goal for this. I'm going to play about once a week of super solid poker and try to play in 1 tourney a week. My goal is $5K by the end of summer. I know it's not very realistic, but I'm hoping to win a nice tourney. We'll see how this goes.

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